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Feedstock Innovation

Genera offers state-of-the-art industrial scale biomass feedstock supply solutions TODAY that are commercial ready and offer compelling economics for both landowners upstream and biomass processors downstream. But we also know that we’ll look back on our industry in a decade or two and be amazed at what used to be state-of-the-art. That’s why we have such an emphasis on continual innovation in biomass feedstock supply, all along the supply chain.

At this early commercialization stage of the biomass industry, cost, quality, and risk are prominent drivers. We leverage our unparalleled access to RD&D assets along the entire biomass supply chain to drive innovation, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality and consistency. Genera manages sizable energy crop acreage and stored inventory as well as a world class biomass research campus that provide significant leverage for continued innovation and cost validation.

We invite you to visit our energy garden, production fields, and Biomass Innovation Park research campus in Vonore, Tennessee or one of our other feedstock project locations and discuss your ideas to drive innovation, efficiency, and quality in biomass feedstock production.

Genera’s Biomass Innovation Park research campus is specifically designed to accommodate a wide variety of biomass feedstocks. It is also specifically designed with maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of pilot and demonstration scale add-ins or processes. Genera has worked with a number of academic researchers from leading research universities, collaborating companies, technology developers, and DOE national laboratory researchers to evaluate and demonstrate a range of technologies, methods, and equipment related to material receiving, handling, storage, aggregation, inventory management, separation, characterization and analysis, grinding, milling, densification, conveyance, outfeed, packaging, and load-out.