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Growing a Secure, Sustainable Future with Biomass

Imagine a source of energy that replenishes itself every year with sunlight and rain. Imagine a source of energy that improves soil and water quality and increases wildlife diversity, even after a decade of continuous production. Imagine an energy source from land that has limited value for other applications. Imagine that same energy source being carbon neutral.

Of course we can’t achieve any of this extracting petroleum from the ground. But we CAN sustainably grow biomass energy crops using land not generally suitable for food crops and fully realize the benefits of clean, domestic, renewable advanced biofuels and biochemicals. Every acre of a sustainably grown biomass energy crop like switchgrass or biomass sorghum can potentially produce 600 gallons – even up to 1,000 gallons or more – of clean renewable fuels and chemicals. Not just once, but 600+ gallons year after year after year.

We’re not talking about someday. We’re talking about today. The technology for converting lignocellulosic biomass to advanced biofuels and biochemicals has been validated. For these market-ready biofuel and biochemical industries to grow, we need a lot of biomass. That’s Genera Energy’s singular focus: Biomass Done Right.